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Penetrant & abstergent series
  Dispersant series
  Levelling agent & emulsifier series
  Fixative & crosslin-
king agent series
  Fluorescent bleaching agent series
  Softening finishing agent series
  Special auxiliary series
Zhejiang Feijian Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. It is specialized in producing textile printing, dyeing and tanning auxiliary agents and chemical intermediates, totally three series and about 100 types. Its productive capability is above 10,000 tons.
Our enterprise target is to "take the lead in the trade". Our enterprise philosophy is "cooperate sincerely for double-win". Our enterprise tent is "client centered, market oriented, science based". With advanced and complete quality testing equipment, scientific, reasonable, safe and environment-friendly production flow, we are strictly executing "ISO9001 Quality Management System", and improving product quality. We are deeply cooperating and communicating with many famous research institutes, universities and multinational chemical enterprises in our country …
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   Add: Hangzhouwan fine chemical
   park, Zhejiang, China
   E-Mail:[email protected]
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